tylerperry2Hi all of my readers I just wanted to let you in on what Tyler Perry got coming out soon…for your FYI…Ok I got this info from Madea’s mouth (lol) . Tyler Perry is doing another Why Did I Get Married 2 so that’s good…..As well as I Can Do Bad All By Myself……Now if you have not seen Why Did I Get Married then you need to add that one to your DVD Collection, it was a very good movie funny but serious movie. Now If you have not seen I Can Do Bad All By Myself Play then you need to do so before seeing the movie. One thing I notices about these movies from Tyler Perry is that, the movie is never like the Play. Take Madea Goes To Jail for example nothing like the play, only thing  that was like the play was Madea going to jail.  So I am glad that he keeps putting out these real good movies & plays. I think we would go into the movie theater and think that this movie should be like the play, but when we watch the movie we find that they are not a like at all.  Well if you watch the House of Payne like I do faithfully, like I will watch it tonight on TBS….Lance Gross (sexy man) character will as Tyler Perry puts might make you MMMAADDDD! Those was his words…that’s why you need to watch. By the way if you haven’t seen the number 1# movie in the Box Office then you are sleeping, Madea Goes To Jail is so funny, I cried I laugh I almost went into seizures :)