Tyler Perry’s new movies coming out soon …….see what they are here

tylerperry2Tyler is back at it again making some great movies and I can’t wait to see them…the first movie is Precious let me tell you this is going to be a winner. This movie is strong and has so much to offer it’s the truth, let me tell you. You will see a lot of familiar faces and new faces in this movie and I bet you will like it. Also there is I Can Do Bad  All By Myself which will be another great movie. So I am not going to rant to much so here is the sneek preview of both of Tyler Perry and Oprah film “Precious” and Tyler Perry’s movie ” I Can Do Bad All By Myself” check it out tell me what you think? Comment…..

“Precious Trailer”

” I Can Do Bad All By Myself”



  1. tyler perry the lord has blessed you so much i love madea i can`t see her dying any time soon i can`t wait for her next movie i have all your movies .precious looks awsome also it awsome how you can on one note have everyone cracking up then in next part have you crying i love them thank you so much you deal with real life we need it cause we are numb to some things my prayers are with you i wish you would do one of your life

  2. thank you lord for this young man. i enjoyed al of your plays and movies and was praying that it be god will for you to make why did i get married 3 and madea class reuion. your movies and plays has enpired me to become a better person.

    thanks rev. craig woolfolk jr.

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