News you might haven’t heard:: Young lady killed by boyfriend::Man kills his wife and self because he lost his job:: Young couple dead murder suicide:: 16 year old girl killed texting while she was crossing the street


Linda Encarnacao (26) was bashed, strangled and stabbed by the father of her child before he set fire to her apartment

Linda Encarnacao’s two young children spent Wednesday night at the home of Herbert Byrd, the father of one of the youngsters and regular caretaker to both.

On Thursday morning, the police say, Byrd left the children alone, walked to Encarnacao’s apartment on Yarmouth Street and murdered their mother.

He stabbed her repeatedly, the police say, strangled her and bashed her head. The attack was so vicious, said Providence Police Commander Paul Kennedy; that investigators were uncertain which injuries had caused her death.

Byrd then allegedly set several fires in the apartment and ran back to the children, ages 2 and 4, as Encarnacao’s body bled in the bedroom.

Detectives arrested him Thursday afternoon in the police station where Byrd had come voluntarily hours earlier with the children as the investigation into Encarnacao’s death was beginning.

“As the evidence throughout the day started to build, we eventually confronted him with the evidence we had,” said Kennedy.

That evidence included the plastic bag which witnesses said they saw a man carrying away from Encarnacao’s burning apartment, and bloody clothes. Both pieces of evidence were found in a neighbor’s trash near Byrd’s apartment on Crescent Street, said Kennedy. Read more of this story….

Conley Waycaster (38) shot himself and his wife in a murder suicide after he lost his job


ELIZABETHTON, TN (AP) – Authorities in northeast Tennessee say a recently married couple died in a murder-suicide that followed the loss of the husband’s job.

The Carter County Sheriff’s Department identified them as 38-year-old Conley Ray Waycaster and 40-year-old Sharon Lynn Waycaster. The Johnson City Press reported the Waycasters were married Feb. 14.

Chief Deputy Ron Street said the shootings Saturday night were witnessed by Conley Waycaster’s mother and father.

Sheriff Chris Mathes said the husband had recently become unemployed and the couple might have had economic hardships. He said Conley Waycaster’s parents have been too distraught to provide much information yet.

Investigators said both bodies were found in the yard with gunshot wounds to the head.

Eva Barnhart (19) was killed by her husband Grant Barnhart (28) in a murder suicide

2009-08-18_1412There has been a second murder-suicide in southeastern Ohio in less than 24 hours.

The latest case happened at 10734 Zion Road in Thornville, where authorities say a husband shot his wife.

The 911 call was made shortly after 9:30 Tuesday night. The father of 28-year-old Grant Barnhart and a friend went out to check on Grant and his wife 19-year-old Eva at their Zion Road home.

Barnhart’s father became concerned after he noticed a rifle missing from his house. After forcing their way into the home they found the couple dead in a bedroom. Read more on this story…

Alexis Stewart (16) was hit by a car when she was apparently trying to text message while crossing the road

2009-08-18_1417NEWBURGH – An Evansville teenager died Friday from injuries suffered when she was struck by a car while attempting to cross a Newburgh street Thursday night.

Alexis Stewart, 16, apparently was trying to text message while crossing the road, according to a Warrick County Sheriff’s Office report.

Stewart was taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center with multiple injuries after the 11 p.m. accident.

Deputies said she was struck by Newburgh resident William Barnett, 66, who was traveling south on Indiana 261 between Meadow Lane and Sycamore Drive.

According to Chief Deputy Brett W. Kruse, Stewart was with three other girls who made it across the road and began shouting at her that a car was coming.

“I think with cell phones and GPS, people are doing everything but driving, but that wasn’t the case here,” he said.

But the accident does show that advances in technology should persuade people to be more conscious.

“People need to pay attention to what they’re doing and their surroundings. I’ve heard of people texting and don’t realize there’s a curb, and they break their ankle,” he said. “People are trying to multi-task, and it doesn’t work.”

These stories are so sad and may they all R.I.P. I give you these stories for a reason to open your mind up to see that life should not be taken for granted and stay close to the ones you love. Also treat people nice and with respect as that what you want to be treated with right.


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