Why Hershey’s got rid of the best candy ever…..see what I am talking about

This candy is a throwback for me Hershey’s TasteTations love them so much. Hershey’s discountiue these mouth watering treats back in what I think in 2003 or so. Why I have no idea a lot of people I talked to said that they love them and was addicted just like me. This candy was better then any other candy that I have ever tasted. Please Hershey’s bring them back we need them. I love when I use to go into the grocery store and buy 3 bags and eat those 3 bags in 3 days. So I would start a petition only if people want to see them come back.

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  1. Ah-ha. Another lover of Tastetations. All these years later, I still think about them. Sounds weird to think about a candy, but I agree with you, that was the best candy. I was addicted as well. When all of a sudden they were no longer on the shelves, I was extremely puzzled and disappointed. I would never have guessed they’d be discontinued. It couldn’t have been for low sales. I wish they would bring them back.

  2. I so agree I talk to my husband about them all the time, he remembers how I use to buy 4 or 5 bags every time I went to the store. We need to start a petition, man how I love those Tastetations.

  3. my husband is searching our local supermarket, right now for TasteTations. we live in Texas. i hope he finds the best candy in the world here, that would make this the best place in the world to live!

  4. Im from philippines and i love tastetaions too. I used to buy them when i was in Highschool. Hope they bring it back

  5. I absolutely agree. It is ten years later and I still think about them. My favorite was the Chocolate Mint. It got me thru Weight Watchers. I would pop them into my mouth to take the edge off of my craving for sweets. Nothing like them and nothing will ever be like them until they return. Hershey was really foolish. If Nips can still be on the market, why not Tastetations.

  6. I have been craving the chocolate and chocolate mint tasetations for quite sometime, and I NEED them!!! lol! Why o why, Hershey? They were truly one of the best candies ever! I wish they brought them back for all of us tasteation lovers!

  7. I agree with all the above. Best hard candy in history. And get this….I still have two pieces, one choc and one choc mint.
    I just don’t have the heart to eat them, lol. Start the petition….I’ll sign it.

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