Step Mother Acussed of having sex with son for years

Omaha, Nebraska

From the Great Moments in Dope & Incest File comes this nasty little story out of Omaha, Nebraska: A 15-year-old boy says his mother had sex with him nightly over a two year period while he was in the seventh and eighth grades…

Details on the case are still scarce, but the boy reportedly told police he had sex with mom throughout 2008 and 2009. Mom, it seems, is a prescription drug addict.

The details only came to light last week when the boy told a counselor.

Mom lost custody of the boy last year when she was caught doctor shopping. She was trying to fill 15 different prescription from seven different doctors for the sleeping pill Ambien. She was only sentenced to one year of probation, but the boy was sent to live with his father.

The woman is now charged with felony sexual assault.

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