NSFW!Rapper Trina Naked Photos hits the web…. She also to have some kind of skin condition

Raper Trina Naked photos hits the web today and she also has some bad rashes on her skin, which I think is a bad case of allergies/ eczema or it could be a bad case of a nasty hotel. Who knows one photo that is to graphic  will be at the link below. Link to other photo here.

I am sure someone got into her phone becareful celebs or anyone for that matter when you leave certain pictures in your phone.

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  1. Who ever put these photos of trina obviously has nothen to do and just want her money.. Im along With the baddest bitch so obviously bitch who eva put these on here of her is desperate…From the BADDESTBITCH

  2. it don’t matter who did this cause she can’t and won’t be stopped and she still the baddest forever,trina

  3. Ooh… shit she’ve always been fine to me & i wish i had her instead of the basketball player & hell yeah i love the pictures of only her naked & her monkey is “fat” as hell

  4. she is so beautiful an sexy even if she has some skin problem that doesnt matter an people shouldnt talk sh*t about her …time to grow up people .

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