~”Te Amo” is Rihanna next single off her album Rated R….. hear the song~ Also news that Rihanna and Matt suppose to get married

“Te Amo” (produced by Stargate), is indeed Rihanna’s follow up “Rated R” single to “Rude Boy”. “Te Amo” is Spanish for I Love You. As we all know, it was the only track which leaked on the internet that made it on “Rated R”. It is one of the most different tracks on the album, beautifully written by James Fauntleroy, topped the Brazilian charts and made the Top 60 in Sweden earlier this year even without an official release.

Rihanna will perform “Te Amo” on American Idol next Wednesday.

Not sure how accurate The Daily Mail is but they say that Matt is suppose to porpose to Rihanna, how much of a secret is that. Anyways they said that Rihanna is head over heals in love with Matt and would love for him to pop the question.

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