Lisa Raye puts it out there about her fall out with Vivica Fox and Rosci….. read interview

This is crazy didn’t know her and Vivica Fox have fallen out, but I sure knew about her and the beef with 106 and Park Rocsi. So here is Lisa Raye sounding off on a recent interview done by Honey Mag.

You have been going through your divorce to former premier Michael Misick for over a year. Is it final yet?

“When your going through a divorce, that’s sad in itself. When you’re fighting the man that runs the country, that is a totally different thing. It’s a different country and they don’t do things the same way we do things over here. The divorce is final. The second part, which is the divorce settlement, is not.”

Did you know Rocsi?

“I knew Rocsi in the mutual respect that we were both public figures. And she interviewed me before on 106th and Park.”

Were you shocked when you found out about Rocsi and your husband?

“I’m never shocked, girl. I don’t put anything past anyone. I was very disappointed in the way it was handled. Because to me, if you’re going to do whatever you’re going to do… respect your [and my] home. Do that over there, not here. And the way it was done so publicly with people calling me saying, ‘Hey, you know I’ve seen pictures on the Internet in your backyard? And I see that she flew in and you flew out.’ I didn’t know that she knew my husband.”

Have you seen her since?

“Have you heard that I’ve seen her? You will hear about it. I’m sure that you will.”

Were you saddened by the fact that Vivica Fox was not by your side through the turmoil?

“I was going to lie down and die because I fell out with Vivica. I keep it real. I’m not going to say I could care less. Once you go through the hurt that your friend

is not there, you tend to [say] ‘it is what it is.’ Let me keep on moving.”

Why aren’t Vivica and yourself no longer friends?

“I’m looking for the answer now. It’s confusing to me. It’s puzzling. You have to ask yourself why. And although I have wanted to ask her why, I go back and forth because I’m like why am I extending the olive branch. So I’m kind of torn. Because we have said we are going to talk but I get to thinking about it and it makes me go you know what fuck it. Nah. Uh uh. I don’t know what she could possibly say to me that could make me say okay.”

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