Mediatakeout just reported that Shyteek Johnson will be released today. He was convicted of infecting a 13 year old girl, he has served his full 12 years in prison. This is his photo and history on Shyteek Johnson. He also goes by the name Nushawn Williams…..


The Miseducation of Nushawn Williams

In October 1997, his face was plastered on every lamppost and storefront in Chautauqua County, New York. Now, for the first time, the “AIDS monster” grapples with love, sex, crime and even, almost, responsibility.

Flush against the town’s main street, the dirty ivory barrier could be the slope of an aging dam. For some around Dannemora, New York, that’s just what the southern rampart of Clinton Correctional Facility is: a protective wall keeping the troublesome currents of urban American life from deluging a precarious rural existence. Besides being New York’s most populous prison, Clinton is the destination for the state’s most high-profile criminals, the folks who can’t easily mix in a general population — Son of Sams, opera killers, ex-cops. “Everything you read about, everything you see on TV,” says Stan Berg, one of Clinton’s deputy directors, “that’s what we get.” For 11 months, this was the home of Shyteek Johnson, better known as Nushawn Williams, the young black man who in the fall of 1997 became the face of criminal HIV transmission.

On October 27, 1997, Chautauqua County health officials began papering the lampposts, storefronts and high school bulletin boards of Jamestown, New York, with flyers. Out from under a red banner headline — HEALTH ALERT — stared Nushawn Williams’ mug. Shaken by the number of young women testing positive for HIV in a county that had seen perhaps 20 AIDS cases ever, local health workers had begun an investigation. After wading through nicknames and aliases — Face, JoJo, Shyteek among them — they zeroed in on one man, Williams. Out of Williams’ 28 known sexual partners in Chautauqua County, 13 women had tested positive. Six of them, authorities believed, were infected after September 6, 1996 — the date a health worker told Williams that he was positive. If you’d had sex with this man, or sex with someone who had, the flyer urged, get tested.

If public health hysteria was the aim of this dramatic breach of HIV confidentiality, then it worked. Over the next month and a half, nearly 1,400 people in Jamestown got tested. Many were high school kids. After all, the press had repeatedly underscored that Williams sought out teen girls. “He liked to lurk around the edges of schools or parks,” Chautauqua County health commissioner Robert Berke, MD, told a news conference, “picking out young ladies who may, for one reason or another, be in a risk-taking mode.” If you didn’t do the math, you may not have noticed that during the years Williams was in Jamestown, he, too, was a teen, older than many of the girls he had sex with — he did infect a 13-year-old — but younger than others. Williams’ youth was compulsively repressed, as if acknowledging it would have made the story a little less spectacular, a little more about the nation’s failure to grasp teen sexuality. But then understanding Nushawn Williams — or the women he infected — was not the point. Read more

Sources: mediatakeout and POZ
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  1. I think the fact that you would post a statement like this is appalling. He served his sentence what more do you want! This man may come out being a more upstanding citizen than any of you, but you are just gonna jump out and start throwing the same old label on him. I do find it sickening and I pray that he proves you all wrong and you get put in your place. I understand your concern from the past, but if that was the case you could have did it a bit more tactful!

  2. Personally I dnt think they are putting any kinda lable on him, they are jus stating what he did. He knowingly infected young women with his virus, thats murder. Who’s to say that he won’t come out and do it again you never know. I believe they are jus being cautious and careful, better safe the sorry. At least now we have a face to see and know who to watch out for. This is sad because he is not the only person doing a horrible thing like this. Best thing I can say is people please be careful and protect yourself at all time because you never know!

  3. I was 17 when this story hit the headlines. This story woke me up about the dangers of AIDS in society. This man is a reckless monster and I have read plenty of stories about him including the most recent, that he he will remain in prison at least until his next hearing in October. When and If he ever gets out, I hope that his release makes BREAKING HEADLINE NEWS for the young woman and girls that do not know about what he did 13 + years ago!

  4. hes a monster he killed a lot of lil girl may he burn in hell for the rest of hes nasty dirty life .i hope then never let his ass out . i remember when this story first hit breaking headlines i use to live in new York in weekville housing and a cross street was Albany where he had sex with ppl from there it been 12 years and ppl are still talking about it may he burn in hell

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