Oprah new tell all book written by author Kitty Kelley…. saying Oprah call herself a “prostitute”

Many people know Kitty Kelley as the infamous celebrities slasher who drags celebs life story through the mud to sum it up. In her new book she talks about Oprah like Oprah ain’t alive, many people don’t like what Kitty Kelley writes but still manage to read the books. Just to let you know she do not get permission to write her tell all books, she been doing this for decades.Anyways in her book she says she wrote a bio about Oprah in 1993 but Oprah did not want it put out, she says that Oprah call herself a “prostitute” this is what Kitty said on  the Today’s Show.

There are so many secrets in her life, secrets about her relationships, secrets within her family, Even when she was writing her own autobiography, and she was finally going to come forward, she described herself as a ‘prostitute,’ which is a rather harsh description, I think.

She had talked about her teenage promiscuity, which is really kind of a natural outgrowth of a terrible, terrible sexual molestation she endured.

The book also claims that Oprah made up stories about being molested and about growing up poor. Kelly talked to Oprah’s stepfather who said that Oprah’s friend Gayle King is a “dirt dog” and a “street heifer.”These are what people had to say about the book taken from Amazon:

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