2 years for forcing his sons to fight

Rockport, Maine

A Maine man was sentenced to two years in prison for forcing his 4- and-6-year-old sons to fight each other while he lay in bed and watched.

Pedro Delgado-Bristol, 26, of Rockport, Maine, pleaded guilty in Waldo County Superior Court to assault and endangering the welfare of a child for forcing his two boys to fight each other Jan. 9.

The boys told a Knox County Sheriff’s Office detective they had to hit each other with closed fists, kicks and knees to the body like the mixed martial arts of Ultimate Fighting Championship, the Bangor Daily News reported.

At one point, the older brother hit his younger brother “and hurt him, which made him cry,” Detective Justin Twitchell said in his report.

The boys also told investigators their father hit the 4-year-old with a sandal when the boy refused to fight anymore.

The boys’ mother saw the injuries when she picked up her sons from a visit with Delgado-Bristol and reported the father to authorities, the newspaper said.

Maine Superior Court Justice Jeffrey Hjelm called Delgado-Bristol’s conduct “quite depraved” and barred him from having unsupervised contact with either boy.

Delgado-Bristol will follow his two-year prison sentence with two years of probation and must complete a batterer’s intervention program, the newspaper said.

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