SAD!Infant killed by pit bull as mom sleeps

Pitbull by
Image by via Flickr

A week-old baby in Florida was killed by a pit bull while his 16-year-old mother slept, unaware of what was going on, police said.

Thomas Carter Jr. was sleeping with his mother in their home in New Port Richey, The St. Petersburg Times reported. But Nichole Koezeno only realized the newborn had been mauled when she was wakened by a friend knocking on the door Wednesday morning.

Kevin Doll, a spokesman for the Pasco County sheriff, said Koezeno was being tested for drugs. The baby’s father, who lives with Koezeno, said he fed the infant before he left for work at 5 a.m.

The pit bull, named Sidon, was scheduled to be killed Thursday. After mauling the child, the dog got out and attacked another dog chained outside.

Denise Hilton, manager of Pasco County Animal Services, said Sidon was a male that had not been neutered, which may have contributed to the animal’s aggressive behavior. She said Sidon may also have had rabies.

“This animal should have never been allowed access to the room where this infant was,” Hilton said. “We have to protect children from animals being animals.”

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