How to Get an Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend Back No Matter Who Was in the Wrong! 10 Instant Tips!

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Who cares who was in the wrong, all you need to concentrate on now is the right things to do so that you can get back together and be happy again. You see, these tips work no matter who was in the wrong, because they also work to help mend the past for both people!

Use these 10 instant tips to get your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back….

10. Work out why the breakup occurred -Once you know why it occurred, you can then avoid the same issue in the future, because you are now aware of it.

9. Don’t tell your ex you need them back – You have to play a little hard to get, so you can remind your ex why he/she misses you and so you can make them want you back as well.

8. Are you willing to change? – If so, then get busy and do the things which your ex wanted you to do.

7. Make your ex envious – Get close to your ex’s pals and stir up the jealousy pot, by reminding him/her exactly how much they cannot stand the thought of losing you to someone else.

6. Treat your words like promises– Say what you mean and mean what you say, so that way your ex doesn’t feel like you are breaking any promises. This also means following through with actions and treating your words as though they are promises.

5. Have fun and prove it to your ex – Take your ex out and DON’T talk about the past, but rather just have fun and make the date as entertaining and fun for both of you as possible. This will show your ex that you are still the kind of person they love to be around.

4. Be as laid back and self assured as possible– Whenever you are around your ex, make sure that you are not letting your needs make you seem desperate or too needy. But rather, don’t show your ex if you are depressed or stressed out, but rather just be laid back, and this will tell your ex that you are strong.

3. Don’t make your ex your main focus – When you focus on something other than your ex, they immediately feel the need to get your attention again, which in turn makes your ex chase you.

2. Pretend to get over your ex – The minute your ex thinks you are getting over him/her, is the instant that your ex will become afraid of losing you and will try to get you back.

1. Don’t give your ex everything they want anymore – Make your ex work for it, and they definitely will, especially the harder you make your ex work to get things from you. People want what they cannot have, and this is especially true when it comes to breakups.

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