Everybody Hates Chris, Except for Me

Thanks to Harper Abbott for sending this post in

One of my favorite shows is on thedirect tv channels all of the time. The show that I love is Everybody Hates Chris. There are not a whole lot of people who have ever watched this show and the more I watch it the more I do not understand why. This is a very funny show about a young black boy and his family. The main character Chris is constantly getting himself into trouble. His thoughts and actions are narrated by the great comedic genius Chris Rock. He of course makes the show that much funnier with his hilarious comments and the way that he talks.

You can find my family every week night gathered around the tv in the living room watching our favorite show. You can probably hear us laughing all over the entire neighborhood. I believe the show has been canceled for quite some time. As it usually goes, I am just now finding out how good it is. I tell everyone in the family about the show and why they should watch it. Most people have never heard about it before either. I can’t help but wonder why the show didn’t make it. I guess all good things must come to an end eventually. If I was not so slow about catching on to a good thing I might could have helped save it by tuning in when it first came on tv. Oh well, I guess my family and I will still enjoy it regardless.


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