A SHAME! Shannon Price Ex Wife of Gary Coleman issued out photos of Gary Coleman last minutes alive…. Photo

Before Shannon Price ex wife of the late Gary Coleman order to pull the plug on him, she also took photos of him laying lifeless in his hospital bed. She says she not trying to cash in on the photos her and her family took. Then why is the photos of Gary lifeless body in The Globe magazine.

A photo of Gary Coleman on his death bed was published this morning by The Globe tabloid magazine.

The picture shows Coleman in a hospital bed with a bandaged head and tubes attached to his body while his ex-wife Shannon Price poses next to him.

Price is being accused of selling the pictures to the tabloid for $10,000 and is facing allegations of foul play in his death.

She was divorced from the 42-year-old actor but the two shared a home together in Utah when he suffered a fall on May 26 that caused a brain hemorrhage.


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