Angelique Buford Beats Pregnant Woman with Baseball Bat for Taking Up with Ex-Boyfriend

Angelique Buford was not happy. Another woman had taken up with her ex-boyfriend, and they were soon to have a child. So she did what any jilted woman with limited mental facilities would do: She tried to kill the pregnant woman

With her two children in her minivan, Buford spotted the unnamed woman at a store in Louisville. Commence with stalking. Buford followed the two-months pregnant lady home.

When the victim got out of her car, Buford began beating her with a baseball bat as her own kids screamed in the van. She belted the woman in the face and arm, then began kicking her in the stomach, saying she was going to kill the unborn baby.

And just to make matters worse, she returned to her car and opened fire. She shot at least five times at the woman and a crowd that had gathered. Fortunately, she hadn’t spent much time on the firing range, failing to hit anyone. By the time police arrived, Buford had fled the scene.

The victim was taken to a hospital where she was treated for bruises, scratches, and a bite on her thigh. But it appears both mom and baby are fine.

The same cannot be said of Buford. She’s been charged with assault and wanton endangerment. Suspiciously absent are charges of attempted murder. While it’s illegal to actually kill an unborn baby in Kentucky, there’s no statute for attempting to kill one if you’re not successful.

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