Sherly Underwood leaves the Tom Joyner Morning Show…. read details on why she left

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Sheryl has decided to move to the syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show who is Tom’s main competition.

People over at the Radio ONE camp are not happy with Sheryl’s move with a source saying she’s burned all her bridges over at Radio ONE and she made a decision that she is likely to regret in the future.  They are especially upset because Sheryl bashed Tom on Steve’s show.

Sheryl on the other hand says she did nothing wrong.

I was just on Steve’s show to promote the clubs I was in various cities. Even though I am no longer a contributor to TJMS I will continue to support Tom Joyner’s Take A Loved One To The Doctor, The Virtual College Tour and HBCU’s 100%…I said as much to Oscar Joyner in a very warm phone call. This new work with Steve allows me the opportunity to expand my brand into different avenues. It’s the chance of a lifetime. It was an offer that I couldn’t refuse.

Tom handled the situation with class, despite how he may have really felt.  He responded by saying:

We love Sheryl Underwood and wish her the best in everything she does. She’s a very funny lady.

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  1. I look at it like this. Why is it an actor can act for any movie company or an average Joe can work at 3 different jobe to make ends meet. When an NBA player or a comedian changes jobs everybody is all up in arms? Oh the outrage… Everyone need to get a grip!!

    Sherly – Go for it girl!
    LeBron, too!

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