Kelly Price is back listen to her new song “tired”

Kelly Price is back listen to her new joint “tired” this is what she had to say:

Kelly Price: (Laughing) Thank you. Actually, I was in Chicago with R. Kelly. We were in the studio and we were having some deep conversation. He actually suggested the song ‘I’m Tired’ and encouraged me to do it. He said, “Kelly, radio needs you. Don’t BS the people. Tell the truth and the women will sing along.” I left the studio and after almost a year and a half incubation period, I was in the car singing and the song literally wrote itself. Life was my inspiration. I started thinking about what was happening around me. When you look at the world we live in and what’s going on, people are tired. This is a testimony of truth. Maybe the people who hear it might get tired enough to do something about it.

The Official Website of Kelly Price.

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  1. This is the right song for me today. I think Kelly Price is coming back with a bang. But she has always had the gift glad she decided to share it with us one more time.

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