What are they doing now! A Different World Cast Part 1…..


This is new to Top 10 Queen Social, letting you in on what your favorite TV past Shows Cast are up to now. So sit back read and enjoy.

Darryl M. Bell-Ronald ‘Ron’ Johnson

Darryl M. Bell was born in Chicago, Illinois on May 10, 1963. It wasn’t long after graduating from Syracuse University that he was cast as smooth-talking schemer Ron Johnson on “A Different World” (1987). Bell had a supporting role in Spike Lee’s School Daze (1988) alongside Jasmine Guy and Kadeem Hardison. Bell has also appeared in “Living Single”(1993), “Cosby” (1996), “For Your Love” (1998) and co-starred in “Homeboys in Outer Space” (1996). Also is the spouse of Tempestt Bledsoe. Darryl M. Bell will be in this years movie “The Dark Party” which co stars his friend Kadeem Hardison.

Jasmine Guy- Whitley Marion Gilbert

Remembered mostly as Whitley Gilbert Wayne on the series “A Different World” (1987), Jasmine Guy has a variety of talents. Jasmine was born March 10, 1964, in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1990, Jasmine released a self-titled album with backing vocals on a few songs from her “A Different World” (1987) co-star, Cree Summer. She married Terrence Duckette on August 22, 1998. On March 28, 1999, Jasmine gave birth to a baby girl, Imani. To this day she continues a career in film, theater, and music. Upcoming film is Kasha and The Zulu King coming out this year.

Charnele Brown-Kimberly ‘Kim’ Reese

Charnele Brown (born October 30, 1965) is an American actress, producer, and singer. She is perhaps best known for her role as college student Kimberly Reese on the NBC sitcom A Different World. She does not have a movie or anything out so let’s hope we see her in something soon.

Dawn Lewis- Jaleesa Vinson

Dawn Lewis was born August 13, 1961. She is remembered mostly from her role as Jalessa Vinson on “A Different World” (1987). Dawnn composed the theme song with Bill Cosby and Stu Gardner that was used for the series. She left the show in 1992 to join the cast of “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” (1992) as Robin Dumars. From 1995-1996, she continued a career in acting, doing mostly voice-overs, which included characters on”Spider-Man” (1994), “Bruno the Kid” (1996), and “C-Bear and Jamal” (1996). In 1998, she helped write the movie Black Jaq (1998) (TV). She continues to make guest appearances on various shows. Dawn is working hard this year she has several roles like the movie: “To Hail and Back” she plays Cynthia Thompson.

Cree Summers- Freddie Brooks

Daughter of actor Don Francks.

Brother, Rainbow Francks, is currently a VJ for “Much Music” (2001).

Was in a long-term relationship with actor Kadeem Hardison during the run of “A Different World” (1987). She was never bothered by his character’s on-screen romance withJasmine Guy, stating that she and Guy were like sisters in real life, the direct opposites of their characters!.

Started off in acting, then did some singing, now does mostly voice-over work for TV cartoons such as “Rugrats” (1991). For those who remember, she originated the voice of Penny in the 1980s cartoon “Inspector Gadget” (1983).

She played Princess Kida Kidagakash in Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001). Her brother Rainbow Francks played Lt. Aiden Ford in “Stargate: Atlantis” (2004).

Is a dual American/Candaian citizen. She has been busy doing voice overs for movie Conan’s: Red Nails.

Kadeem Hardison’s-Dwayne Cleophus Wayne

Born 24 July 1965, New York City, New York, USA

Was mentioned in the thank yous of “A Different World” (1987) co-star Cree Summer’s 1999 debut album “Street Faerie”.

Son of Bethann Hardison, a former model who now has her own modeling agency

1996: Daughter Sophia born.

In a late 1980s interview with a Dutch youth magazine, he said that actress Cree Summer was his true love.

Is very famous in The Netherlands because of his character in “A Different World” (1987). The Dutch know exactly what is meant by “Dwayne Wayne glasses” since everyone wanted them back in the ’90s.

Went to JHS 104 in New York City with fellow actors, Robert Downey Jr., Jon Cryer and Erica Gimpel. He has several movies coming out this year one of them being: Stolen Freedom.

Marisa Tomei- Maggie

Born on December 4, 1964, in Brooklyn, New York to mother Patricia “Addie” Tomei, an English teacher and father Gary Tomei, a lawyer. Marisa also has a brother, actor Adam Tomei. As a child, Marisa’s mother frequently corrected her speech as to eliminate her heavy Brooklyn accent. As a teen, Marisa attended Edward R. MurrowHigh School and graduated in the class of 1982. She was one year into her college education at Boston University when she dropped out for a co-starring role on the CBS daytime drama “As the World Turns” (1956). Her role on that show paved the way for her entrance into film: in 1984, she made her film debut with a bit part in The Flamingo Kid(1984). Three years later, Marisa became known for her role as Maggie Lawton, Lisa Bonet’s college roommate, on the sitcom “A Different World” (1987). Her real breakthrough came in 1992, when she co-starred as Joe Pesci’s hilariously foul-mouthed, scene-stealing girlfriend in My Cousin Vinny (1992), a performance that won her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She has been busy working that’s for sure. Marisa has been in a lot of movies, and TV Drama she also in this movie Cyrus.

Bumper Robinson- Dorian Heywood

Real name is Larry C. Robinson II born 19 June 1974, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

As a child, he was given the nickname Bumper by his father because he repeatedly bumped into things.

He made his professional debut at the age of four in one of Bill Cosby’s popular Jell-O Pudding Pops commercials.

Appeared on the January 17, 2003, episode of “Street Smarts” (2000) and won.

Brother of actor Marc Robinson

Guest-starred as three different characters on Sister, Sister. He also played a lot of voice overs as well as Cree Summers. Bumper is the voice Cool Cat / Dog Killa / Cat Spy Analyst / Slim in the movie Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of The Kitty Galore.

Stay tune for Part 2 of Different World Cast.

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  1. A like the reviews & keep up the good work that u r doing & I would like 2 find out what the other actors & actress R doing not just from (different wold)thank.

  2. I am so glad to see what they all look like. But Jasmine Guy looks bad she looks like she is 60yrs old that gos to show she really went through alot when married. Money problems as well but everyone else looks good especially kimberly. (charnele brown)

  3. I watched most of these series in the 80’s, when they first came out, and now I watch the re-runs. I DVR the episodes and I’m watching them with my daughter. We laugh. We never want the shows to end and look forward to the next eposides. I’m glad they are re-airing them. Everyone looks great. It’s nice to see what they are doing now.

  4. I’m so glad i found this website!!!! i still watch this show..Never liked the Lisa Bonet’s episodes…Kadeem was also in def by temptation.vampire in brooklyn,and guest appeared on living single.

  5. What happened to Bumper AKA Dorian? WOW! He used to be so damn fine! Age did not do wonders for him as he grew older!

  6. great to know about the cast
    glad to see marissa tomei (maggie lawton). she and freddie were my favorite.
    hope to see them all in a reunion on the show.
    bring back denise huxtable and lena james(jada pinkett)
    one of my favorite shows in the 80s and 90s

    what ever happened to whitley’s friend milly?

  7. just bought the entire set season 2 to 6………..glad to have it. it was my favourite comedy. Hope for a reunion show.

  8. The data about the year of Darryl Bell’s birth is incorrect. He was born in 1960. He & Tempest Bledsoe were from my neighborhood. Jasmine Guy does look much older than her age. Why is Charnele Brown 5 shades lighter than she was back then? She had such a beautiful milk chocolate complexion Cree Summer looked kinds masculine in that photo. I’m just sayin…

  9. The data about the year of Darryl Bell’s birth is incorrect. He was born in 1960. He & Tempest Bledsoe were from my neighborhood. Jasmine Guy does look much older than her age. Why is Charnele Brown 5 shades lighter than she was back then? She had such a beautiful milk chocolate complexion Cree Summer looked kinda masculine in that photo. I’m just sayin…

  10. It not super important but you failed to mention that Bumper played in The Jacksons an American Dream, a made for tv movie in 1992 right before he started on Its A Differant World. I believe he played Jackie Jackson in that movie.

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