Maia Campbell does not even look the same see mugshot……

Maia Campbell had said to be doing fine and things were looking up, now she was arrested and she look unrecognizable what happen? The girl was full of talent and a great actress this is so sad. This is why they arrest her.

Maia was arrested on On July 5th in Santa Monica, CA after being videotaped in a drug-induced haze. She remains incarcerated on $40,000 bond at the same facility where actress Lohan was jailed. This is her 2nd arrest.

She needs help and real true support through out her ordeal, she has been spiraling out of control every since her mother author BeBe Moore Campbell died. Some of her true Celeb friends and family really needs to step in, I am sure her child needs her and misses her. While the media talks so much about Lindsay they need to talk more and get actress Maia Campbell help, the help she needs. It’s to believe that Maia is bi polar and she could be off her meds which also has got her into going insane. Truly she needs help before it’s to late. Let’s just keep praying for her and hope she makes it through this, also pray for others who are in the same situation she’s in.

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  1. Dear Maia, I hope this e-mail finds u doing WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved u on in the house. U were and still are a beautiful woman. Our God is a GOOD God!!!!!!!!!! With God ALL Things are POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! His Word is TRUE and FAITHFUL!!!!!!!!!!! All You have 2 do is Only BELIEVE!!!!!!!!! Our God CANNOT LIE!!!! Whatsoever U Ask U Shall Have It N Jesus Name!!! Amen! Keep God 1st! Seek Ye 1st The Kingdom Of God! Hallelujah! 🙂 I lift u up n Prayer! God B/W U, Me, and Us ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

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