NSFW!Rihanna honey love Matt Kemp Naked…. he’s doing the jerk!!!!

Matt Kemp
Image via Wikipedia

MLB player Matt Kemp Rihanna’s love drug is getting his jerk on well not with his feet but his you know what…. anyways here is the pictures. Warning this is not suitable for work or kids so view wisely.  When are they gonna learn I guess they all need attention.

View photos here in a slideshow…….

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  1. Rihanna seems to destroy the careers of every man she dates. Just look at what she did to Chris Brown.

  2. @ theweeklyargus would you kindly shut up! if Matt decides to pose naked that’s his decision she didn’t have anything to do with it! And what did she do to Chris Brown? He was the one who crushed her career and left her hurt and lonely.She was actually the victim in that partcular situation.Its not her fault that she’s able to bounce back so easily and after that horrific incident be able to make it back on top!

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