Mitrice Richardson, Missing California Woman’s Remains Identified

When the cops claimed they had leads that people have spotted Mitrice, where they trying to close the case to early to soon. Well now as the family grieve more because there precious daughter remains have been found. Here is the story….

The skull and bones found near an abandoned marijuana grove in the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu are the remains of 25-year-old Mitrice Richardson, according to officials.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca says there is no indication the California woman who went missing nearly a year ago was slain.

The confirmation ends a nearly yearlong search for the Los Angeles area woman that spanned from the Malibu mountains to Las Vegas, where authorities recently said people reported spotting Richardson.

She vanished after she was released early Sept. 17 at a sheriff’s substation in Calabasas after failing to pay a restaurant bill in Malibu.

Baca said at a news conference Thursday that detectives will continue investigating Richardson’s death but her remains may not offer many clues.

May Mitrice Richardson R.I.P

I know how the police  are just recently I had a family member sent home late into the night, from the police station he is fine. The whole thing is he was hungry, dirty and had walk 6 hours to get home. That is truly not right, they had not feed him for at least 24 hours while in custody. That in it self is wrong then send them out to walk home. From Downtown FT. Worth all the way to North Ft. Worth six freaking hours on foot. So I know this girl was afraid not knowing what was ahead of her, if you picked her up from the restaurant then take her back there to get her car. When will they protect and serve instead of hurt and  abuse the system like they do.

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