Don’t Have Cable don’t worry….. see what’s in store for you

Latest photo of the TV stuff.
Image by William Hook via Flickr

Now a days cable is like totally expensive, so why not use your internet as your cable/ satelite provider. Now how do you do this well first: you must have a computer/laptop. Then you must have internet, WIFI/WIMAX/DSL or Broadband connection. The fun part if you have all that it takes to hook to your TV then you are on the money. This is a video showing you how to hook your PC to your TV (New TV’s have all the components then your older model TV’s)

Many video’s on youtube will show you how but never show you what you need to do this. Simple this is what you will need.

This is the important thing you need for doing the transition from PC to TV. You should not have to buy one if you have it hook to your monitor already use that one. Also if you have a mac you may have to buy one of these $7.99 @ amazon or you buy this one for $2.99 @ amazon link here. 5ft Svga Vga Monitor M/m Male to Male Extension Cable 5

Now this is important meaning you do need sound right, well j ust know this is all you need nothing else for sound. Many claim you need a whole lot no not at all. These just cost $7.99 @ amazon here is the link DURAGADGET 3.5mm Audio Stereo Jack cable Aux plug for Motorola Droid you can use a stereo jack that simple and saves money.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is your choice but it’s a must for me, I don’t want to be dragging a cord anywhere. Logitech is perfect for that wireless device for this transition to PC to TV. The price varies because there are so many models so chose the right one for you here is a link to one from amazon Logitech Wireless Desktop MK 300

Now that’s all you need you will see the ports on the back of your TV and PC so you will know where to put them. Also if you prefer to use a HDMI cable or S-video then do so it’s simple to hook up just put them in the right ports. Make sure you have these ports, I have HDMI but I don’t use it and I also have S-video don’t use that either. I will eventually move to using HDMI soon….. also when you hooked up visit VUE TV free on demand and live tv visit it now if you want.

I also have a router hooked to my computer it’s great for my Wii because I have Netflix,  you can get one here if you don’t have one already Cisco-Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless-G Broadband Router.

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