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Post contributed by Amanda Alvarez

The Ellen DeGeneres show is my favorite talk show. I watch it on my DirecTv satellite which is great if you love satellite TV en espanol. It’s funny and refreshing, compared to other daytime TV shows. The best thing about The Ellen Show is Ellen’s personality. She’s confident, and she’s an inspiration to women. Ellen’sgoofy humor brings a smile to my face. I love how she starts the show by dancing. Sometimes my three-year-old gets up and tries to dance with her. It’s great seeing him move around the living room.

Ellen has had lots of cool guests throughout the years. Without a doubt, my favorite guest was Gabby Sidibe, the actress who played the lead role in Precious. Gabby was on the show about a year ago. She has a funny, vibrant personality. I love that she’s comfortable in her own skin. She talked to Ellen about how she and her roommate choreographed a dance for her to perform on the show. I loved watching Gabby perform the dance with such confidence. She’s an inspiration to heavy-set women.

Sometimes I visit the Ellen DeGeneres Show’s website. They usually have funny pictures and stories posted. Most recently, they uploaded goofy pictures sent in from viewers. It’s a glorious montage of outdated hairstyles, weird clothing, and terrible facial expressions. I love it.

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