Ne-Yo owes money $196,000 of those thangs…. read on

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After skipping out on a New Year’s Eve gig back in ’08, Ne-Yo now owes a Baltimore club promoter an apology that’s worth $196,000.

Remember that New Year’s Eve gig Ne-Yo was supposed to perform at back in 2008, but decided to just skip out on it?  The problem is, contracts were in place, as well as a $95,000 deposit shelled out to him.  Ne-Yo kept the deposit, and was a no-show for the event.  This past Tuesday, a judge ordered him to pay up:

Anne Arundel County Circuit Judge Philip Caroom ordered the payment Tuesday after a four-day trial in late July and early August.

Promoter Kenyohn Clark sued Ne-Yo, whose real name is Shaffer Smith, and Maryland-based promoter Mike Esterman. The judge ruled in favor of Clark, who claimed that Esterman misled him and failed to return a $95,000 deposit.

Court documents show Ne-Yo testified at trial that he knew in his “heart of hearts” that the deposit should have been returned to Clark.

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