Breaking News!Dustin LaFortune abuser finally arrested

I am so happy to hear this, I am happy to know the LaFortune family get’s justice. I’m hearing that Dustin LaFortune is doing fine , but will need extensive therapy. You can keep up with Dustin LaFortune progress the link is on my blog roll.

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Dustin Ward Paxton, 30, is wanted on Canada-wide warrants arising from a four-month investigation that spanned three provinces.

Alleged torturer finally nabbed

Dustin Paxton arrested in Mill Woods

EDMONTON — A man wanted on a Canada-wide warrant in a grisly assault and confinement case, which one Calgary detective called the worst he has ever dealt with, was dramatically arrested Tuesday evening in a Mill Woods neighbourhood.

At around 8 p.m. Tuesday, neighbours near 25th Avenue and 35th Street heard a loud bang and saw smoke from a stun grenade.

Edmonton tactical officers and an Alberta Sheriffs apprehension team moved in and police were seen pinning a man to the ground.

Dustin Ward Paxton, 30, was wanted by Calgary police on charges of aggravated assault, forcible confinement and sexual assault for alleged attacks that happened over a 15-month period, starting in December 2008. He was also wanted by Regina police on charges of aggravated assault for alleged attacks that happened between March 15 and April 16 this year.

Calgary police travelled to Edmonton Tuesday night to confirm the identity of the man taken into custody, who was said to have been living in Edmonton under an alias.

Earlier that afternoon, tactical officers stopped the owner of the house where the arrest was made as he approached his home.

Rich Guile said his surprise quickly turned to shock when he learned that one of his basement tenants, known to him as John Roach, was wanted for allegedly assaulting a former roommate and co-worker. Guile left the area while police surrounded the home.

“It’s just a real shocker,” said Guile. “It’s pretty scary stuff.”

Paxton had been living in Guile’s two-bedroom basement suite since May. He paid his monthly $700 rent on time, coming upstairs to share Guile’s home-cooked meals. Guile said he occasionally hired Paxton to mow the lawn or wash floors and windows. When Guile’s mother visited the home for a few days, he said she and Paxton hit it off immediately. When Paxton was sick, Guile’s mother brought him a home cure of cinnamon and honey.

Guile said Paxton made a living fixing iPhones for $50 to $70 each, with five to 10 customers coming to the house each day in response to Kijiji ads.

Guile described Paxton as an innovative man who occasionally showed signs of an authority problem.

“He was a little touchy,” said Guile. “Any kind of confrontation, you could see he could be kind of volatile.”

“He was a computer whiz,” said Charlene Kilkenny, who manages townhouses nearby.

Kilkenny said Paxton was designing a website for a moving company and was friends with her 20-year-old son, who worked with him as a mover.

She said Paxton had told her son the police were looking for him and that he couldn’t get a driver’s licence because he had too many fines.

The two men later fell out after a dispute.

“He was great until my son and him got into a fight,” said Kilkenny. “I told (my son), ‘the guy’s got anger management problems.’ ”

Kilkenny said she was shocked when she went online Wednesday morning and saw the list of charges Paxton faces.

The alleged assault victim, a man in his late 20s, was dropped off at a Regina hospital in April by someone claiming to be his cousin. At the time, the victim’s family told reporters he was barely alive and weighed just 90 pounds, his face smashed, his lower lip missing. Doctors discovered other injuries as the days passed.

The mother of the alleged victim said that after hearing about the arrest she’s “feeling safe for the first time in months.”

“We are so relieved,” she said, adding that her son is “ecstatic.”

It’s alleged that Paxton sexually assaulted the man for nearly two years while they worked and lived together. A missing-person report was filed in Calgary four days before the injured man was dropped at a Regina hospital.

At a Wednesday news conference in Calgary, Det. Doug Crippen described it as “the worst case I’ve entered into in my time in the Calgary Police Service.”

Paxton was scheduled to appear Friday in a Calgary courtroom.




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