Not sure how true but a guy says it is true, so sit back and listen up because this ish is real stuff. Now here is a twit mail that he sent to some one I blew it up so you can read….. click on the photo if you still can’t read it.

and also here is a website they say she is on to meet people with the same status, HIV or STD.

So where is this story heading well I don’t know for sure but, I do know this all the rap artist she has slept with better get tested. Now you already know she was messing with Souljaboy and countless others, and if she did not tell them her status then you already know. So this story is developing…..

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  1. So why does it matter to anyone? Why is anyone even engaging with the person spreading this on Twitter? As I have talked to her and she seemed to have a real obsession about Kat Stacks and not in a good way. And BTW I have no idea who Kat Stacks is and don’t care.
    But if she is looking for partners on an STI dating site and has put her STI status what is wrong with that?

    There is nothing irresponsible about being HIV+ and going on a STI dating site looking for partner when you have told your status.
    And apart from between her and her partners and anyone else she chooses to tell personally her HIV status + or – is nothing to do with anyone else. It is up to you who you disclose your HIV status too, not any random person with an obsession on Twitter?

  2. @Veritee UK I know you may not know who she is that where you need to go & do your research, because she loves to put people on blast. Now as for her status you are right she can tell who she want when she wants, but Ms. Kat Stacks puts everyone in her business. She is not hiding anything and why should we not let people know what we know, who knows she might have slept with someone who she has not disclosed this info too. So please for me do research on who is Kat Stacks and you will see why I post this.

  3. There’s actually a website that explains why Kat Stacks is the way she is. A lot of people follow the news about what she does to other people, but very FEW people know about HER. Most people don’t know HOW or WHY she turned out to be so twisted, and WHY she does the things she does to others. It’s a LOT of information, but if you’re really interested in what’s going on in her BRAIN, then you should check it out. The site is at:

    ____bit.ly/Kat_Stacks___ Copy and paste the link, but NOT the lines on the sides.

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