Car Accessories that get stolen often

People be smart and not leave these things in your car.

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Everyone knows that a blinged out Escalade is more likely to be stolen than a dinged up minivan. That’s not news.

But this is: A new list of the parts and accessories in your car that are most likely to be stolen.

Do you have a GPS unit or DVD entertainment system in your ride?  Then you are a prime target for thieves, according to a new report from Metlife insurance.

It says the car accessories most coveted by thieves are:

  • Portable GPS units.

  • DVD entertainment systems.

  • Fancy rims and wheels.

  • Catalytic converters, especially on pickups and SUVs with high ground clearance, which make them easier to steal

  • IPods, Laptops, Netboos, and purses left visible in the car.

Doesn’t that Stink?

And from the “Doesn’t that Stink?” file: the telltale indicator you have a GPS unit in your car.

Metlife says a suction cup on your windshield, or even a round circle from a suction cup, tells a thief a GPS unit is probably in the glove box or under the seat.

Doesn’t that stink?

My advice: Consider a dashboard mount or bean bag holder  rather than the telltale suction cup.

Of course you can’t cover up your catalytic converter or wheels. But that’s why it’s important to park in a well trafficked, well lit area, and never leave valuables or a purse visible through the windows.

So don’t waste your money.




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