Kraft food worker kills two people and critical injured one….. read on

Yvonne Hiller has been charged with murder in the deaths of two women at the Kraft Foods Baking Plant on Thursday night.

The two women have been identified as LaTonya Brown, 36 and Tanya Wilson, 47. Bryant Dalton, 39 was injured in the shooting and he is in critical condition.

It has now been revealed that Hiller was involved in an argument with three of her co-workers, which led to her suspension. When she returned to the plant with a gun she found the three in a break room, along with a  fourth. She told the fourth to get out and then just started shooting.

Hiller apparently believed that for years the other co-workers had been talking behind her back and spraying her with chemicals. She had been employed at the plant for 15 years.

Original Story From Friday Morning:

Yvonne Hiller Had Just Been Suspended From Her Job at the Kraft Foods Baking Plant in Philadelphia When She Returned With a Gun and Killed Two Co-Workers

Two more were also injured in the shooting at the Kraft factory according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, who also report that workers at the plant have identified the shooter as Hiller. The two women who were killed have not been identified at this time; the third was a man who was shot in the neck and shoulder. A fourth person was injured but is not considered critical.

Hiller has now been taken into custody.

The Kraft plant, located at 12000 Roosevelt Blvd, was operational at the time, and seven employees were trapped inside a quality-control room during the shooting. They all managed to escape unharmed.

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