As the world turns no details

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13 Soap Operas We’ve Loved, Lost

And another one bites the dust! As long-running fan favorite ”As the World Turns” airs its last episode today, it joins a growing list of dearly departed daytime obsessions — from ”Guiding Light” to ”Ryan’s Hope,” ”Dark Shadows,” and more.


Until its final episode airs on Sept. 17, ATWT will be the longest-running soap opera still on television. The show, the first-ever 30-minute TV soap, had milestones aplenty during its run, from Walter Cronkite interrupting in 1963 to announce that President Kennedy had been shot to the first gay character on daytime in 1988. And folks in the fictional town of Oakdale certainly had no shortage of drama, with villains like James Stenbeck and Barbara Ryan and supercouples from Lily and Holden to Luke and Noah (Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann, pictured), whose kiss caused a furor a few years ago. The news has knocked fans for a loop but not the earth off its axis, because…you know…the world just keeps on turning.




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