Sad watch who you leave your kids with… Man masturbates in front of toddler

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Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix police received a rather interesting call from one Gaylord Winston Barnes earlier this week – he apparently called to tell ‘em he had just finished masturbating in front of a 2-year-old child. Gaylord went on to say he was babysitting the little girl while her mother, his neighbor, was at an appointment. When officers responded to the home, Gaylord was kind enough to escort them into the bedroom where the child was asleep in her crib. Also present in the room were the soiled tissues and towel he had used to clean up with after rubbing one off. It wasn’t the first time – Gaylord reportedly told the officers he had masturbated in front of the child on at least six separate occasions in the last two months. Twice, he said, he put his penis near the child’s mouth and she bit it. He also admitted to digitally penetrating the child on several occasions. A forensic examination of the child showed no injuries, but did reveal an irregularity that could be consistent with a penetrating injury. The child’s mother, who said she frequently left her daughter with Gaylord, agreed to a search of the home. Officers left the residence with the towel, tissues and several samples from the home’s carpet. Gaylord was arrested and charged with one count of molestation of a child and one count of public sexual indecency.




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