See texting and driving does not pay only sends you to prison….read on

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Delaware —  Nicole Hoffman, 18, was driving in excess of 90 mph with a blood alcohol limit almost twice the legal limit while texting when she lost control of her car. Her vehicle left the road and flipped, ejecting 20-year-old Shawn Zimmerman who died from head injuries. On Friday, Judge Jan R. Jurden sentenced Hoffman to nine years in prison for her trifecta of driving idiocy, more than four times the minimum mandatory and three years more than what prosecutors were even asking. The judge went on to ban her from social media websites during her four years of probation and once she is released, to speak at every public high school in the state about the dangers of drinking and driving and texting while driving. The reason for the harsh sentence stems from the fact that Hoffman’s Myspace page was littered with pictures of her drinking underage, and the fact that on the weekend before she was going to plead guilty to manslaughter, she was arrested for underage drinking and disorderly conduct and a second time for assault. Her lawyer was disappointed with the outcome, stating her family was not prepared for such a harsh sentence. Personally, I feel the sentence was too light. I also feel she should have to talk to schools now, in full prison garb.

Drunk, Speeding, Texting Teen Gets Nine Years In Fatal Accident

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