Bishop Eddie Long Scandal does not stop look at this photo….

If he did not look suspect before this photo showed has closed all instict of that. Bishop Eddie Long you know is in a lawsuit for having sex with underage boys, and giving gifts and ect. for sex. Bishop Eddie Long Shown here in this photo on a cellphone, in his bathroom, were released by plaintiff’s attorney. Bishop Eddie Long’s scandal pictures don’t depict much, showing the Bishop fully clothed, and not validating any of the claims of the plaintiffs.

To me it looks like he was trying to get his sexy on, what Bishop, or Pastor you know does this. Not any I know but hey to me it seems he has issues and they need to be address, everything is coming to light on this guy. I am sure more will come out in the coming days or weeks.

Plaintiff’s attorney released the two pictures in which the Bishop is dressing in a muscle shirt holding his phone up in the bathroom. One bathroom, while not verified by theattorney, appears to be a hotel bathroom. The attorney representing the plaintiffs is referred to by local news as a “prominent Atlanta” attorney , B.J. Bernstein. In releasing the pictures, Bernstein said the pictures were taking by Long and send to young teen males who attended Longfellows Youth Academy. She would not specify who specifically received the photos or where the photos were taken. More photos below.

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