NFL Player accused of sexual assault for feeling on other player packages caught on tape…

We’ve documented the case of Shaun Smith, the NFL’s serial crotch-coraller, and there is now video evidence that shows Smith reaching for something during Sunday’s contest with the San Francisco 49ers.

Smith began his deadly groin-grabbing spree two weeks ago against the Cleveland Browns, when he just couldn’t keep his hands offopposing offensive lineman Alex Mack. Mack claimed Smith grabbed him, and was so enraged that he chased Smith towards the sidelines on the next play. Despite Mack’s anger after the game, the incident went mostly under the radar.

That was until this Sunday, when the (face)masked groin-grabber struck again. During Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs – 49ers game, Smith appears to be grabbing at 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis as Davis pushes him to the ground. Although exactly what Smith grabbed remains unclear, Davis reacts in such a way that would make you think whatever Smith reached for was near and dear to him.

Video of the incident here.

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