Glee Song Climbs the charts

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‘Glee’ Surpasses Beatles for Billboard Chart Record


Glee‘ has surpassed the Beatles by breaking the record for most songs on the Billboard Hot 100 by a non-solo act.

The cast of the television now has six debuts on the chart this week. That gives it a total of 75 songs on the chart to the Beatles’ 71.

Since its debut in May 2009, the series has sold 11.5 million downloads and 2.8 million albums.

Elvis Presley still leads overall with 108 songs to chart on the Hot 100. He’s followed by James Brown with 91, then ‘Glee’.

The Beatles are sixth, behind Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. Elton John, Lil Wayne, Stevie Wonder and Jay-Z round out the Top 10.

Here’s Chris Cofler performing ‘The Beatles’ ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’:




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