Kim Kardashian Gets Naked And Silvery For W

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Pretty safe to say that anyone who has heard of the Kardashians knows that Kim is famous for showing off her body, whether it’s from her Playboy issue, her sex tape, or the time she got her cellulite sucked while sister Khloe looked on. She’s at it again this week, posing naked on the cover of W but this time it’s in the name of art, and it kills us to say this but she looks amazing. Does she have any pores at all? What gives? The magazine’s art issue features an interview with the glistening, un-airbrushed starlet where she discusses everything from her public persona to her body issues. At one point she says “I used to think, I have to be this or that or skinny, and now, because of the show, everyone is embracing just me, which has given me such a confidence.” She certainly looks confident to us!

And it’s not just the cover photo that made our jaw drop, there’s also a stunning photo spread in the magazine of Kim covered in silver body paint as well (check out one of the more risqué photos below). It’s all the Kardashian we’ve ever needed to see.

Kim Kardashian Gets Naked And Silvery For W



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