Thank everyone for the Birthday wishes… my message to you!

I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and blessings, from friends and family thanks. I love you guys real talk! Also I would like to wish my niece Happy Birthday and as well as the people who birthday is on this day! I would also like to thank Champs Sports for the birthday shout out and love… and the totally nice discount! I know I can’t put everyone name on here time consuming… either you posted it on Facebook, called or Text me thanks from the bottom of my heart. Thank you from Yuwie, Realage, Buisness Forum, Oddmakers ( $20 to bet on a game ok…. I don’t gamble but thanks!) LiveLeaks, SparkPeople thanks you guys.

Just want to say this and then I’m out to have dinner with my family. Life is precious and short so please everyone love and live your life. I am bless to see another year with people I love and I hope that we all can understand what life really is. I would love to see many more of these years! As the saying goes “The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.”

Thanks again,

Salone D. Abatte


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