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Mariah Carey is Pregnant: Singer Tells Billy Bush (Video)

Mariah Carey Has Officially Confirmed That She is Pregnant and is Expecting Nick Cannon’s Child

Mariah Carey told Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush that she is pregnant and all the rumors are true. Most people are saying ‘yeah as if we didn’t know that already’, but Carey and Cannon wanted to wait to confirm to the world what everyone had pretty much guessed already.

She sat in a candlelit room and told Bush that she had not told this news to anyone else, and then revealed she is expecting her baby in the spring.

She said she was trying to hold on to a shred of privacy but doing the promotion for her new Christmas album has forced her to reveal the news now as she will be out and about in the next few months.

Nick Cannon told Bush it has been such an emotional journey, and the couple revealed that Mariah that she suffered a miscarriage at the beginning of their relationship. They needed time to absorb the news and soak it in and that is part of the reason why they kept this news so secret for so long.

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