The Game Cast members already starting the drama before the new season starts…. read on

Now there is rumor that Brittany Daniels is getting more money then the rest of the cast mates. Well here is the scoop, Brittany supposed to have turn down a job to continue to work on the show The Game. They are saying that BET wants to compensate Brittany for turning down the job. Well as I hear the cast is not happy about this at all, so here is the salary break down.

Tia Mowry (as Melanie Barnett) – $50K per episode
Pooch Hall (as Derwin Davis) – $40K per episode
Coby Bell (as Jason Pitts) – $35K per episode
Wendy Raquel Robinson (as Tasha Mack) – $35K per episode
Hosea Chanchez (as Malik Wright) – $35K per episode
Brittany Daniel (as Kelly Pitts) – $75K per episode

Well hot damn BET you guys are adding fuel to the fire and I predict this is the last season of The Game. I am just saying BET is already starting off on the wrong foot. So we will see the tension on this show as well outside of the show. So good luck with that as I stated before The Game airs 1/11/11.

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