Watch Mariah Carey Christmas Special tonight on ABC Live

Not sure what to watch tonight well watch Mariah Carey Christmas Special tonight here on Vue TV Live…..

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Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas to You

  • New 9:00 on ABC





  1. Concerning Mariah Carey’s Christmas Special on earlier tonight I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but not one of the songs in the show was even remotely recognizable by her singing or by the arrangements. Her voice was drowned out by the “million” member choir (which did sound good, however). Lyrics & melodies were secondary to her too often repeated vocal rifs which were unnecessary and annoying.

    The contortions which she makes with her face (with almost every word of every song) made this special nor even ordinary and much less than entertaining. This was a Christmas special with nothing special to celebrate and nothing special to be thankful for.

  2. I agree with D.Scott’s Comments; Althought I do give her credit for preforming being as pregnant as can be.
    And will add that Mariah looks very swollen and terrible, she should be on bed rest.
    Even though it was really sweet that she sang with her Mom, why can’t Mariah hook her Mom up with Veneers or Implants. Did anyone see her teeth?

  3. The “faces” she was making, Mr. Scott, seemed to be caused by the bad feed she was gettng through her earphone. Did you not notice the way she kept grabbing and adjusting her ear? That is a sign from an artist that they are getting bad feed.

    This show was nice. There were many things going on in the background both musically and visually, but you could still hear that Mariah more than has it in appropriate intervals. She looked happy, healthy, and was completely glowing. This is the Mariah everyone loves.

  4. wow obviously those of you who made negative comments are not musicians, singers, or know anything about music.

    This was by far Mariah’s best vocal performance in years. She is an RNB singer who put her own spin on Christmas. I would love to own this on DVD.

    She did not oversing at all. The riffs she does these days are melodic and tastefull.

    Luther Vandross also knew how to change it up and sing similarly and both of their voices make people melt like butter.

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