Lil Jabraylon Bayles Loses His Fight For Life After Allegedly Being Immersed In Boiling Water

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Jaybraylon Bayles Dies After Allegedly Being Held In Boiling Pot

Some people just shouldn’t have kids.

Little Jabraylon Bayles lost his life after a five week battle after being boiled.

Yes, I said boiled.

The 16-month old baby was believed to have been placed and immersed in a scolding pot of hot water by his mother’s boyfriend.

Baby Jabraylon was burnt so bad that surgeons had to remove part of his stomach.

Carlnelus Delaney Simmons, a convicted killer released 3 years ago, has been held for the crime without bail and charged with felony child abuse.

A Dallas, Texas coroner ruled the cause of death was murder although Simmons, fresh off a 15 year bid, claims it was an accident.
Jabraylon suffered severe burns to his legs, feet, hands and buttocks.
Investigators believe the boy was deliberately held in the boiling water.

Jabraylon’s mother, Jasmine Thompson, stated,

“The police told me that it looked like he was dipped in water … and the doctors told me the same.  I’m still searching for the truth.”

Simmons told police the baby ran into him while he was holding a pot of boiling water.  After hearing the baby scream and seeing the skin peel, he called for help.

According to The Daily Mail,

Jabraylon spent over a month in hospital with third degree burns and doctors removed 60 % of his intestines in one operation. His body swelled up so much he was unrecognizable to his family and his kidneys also failed.

Baby Jabraylon died this weekend from infections caused by the massive skin loss.

Simmons has now been charged with child abuse and drugs charges after cocaine and PCP were found in the house.

He had been jailed in 1994 after killing a man during a fight outside a South Dallas bar. He was released in late 2007.

Two years later, Dallas police arrested Simmons on a charge of dealing PCP after he told them he’d been selling vials for $15 each.
When police searched the home he shared with Thompson they found 95 vials of the drug PCP.
Thompson, whose other son now in the care of social workers, said she knew Simmons was a drug dealer. But she said he had not talked about his past as a killer.
Police said she was not at home when her son was fatally injured.

R.I.P. Baby Jabraylon




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