Kelley Williams-Bolar Jailed For Sneaking Her Daughters Into Better Suburban Schools

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Akron, Ohio is known as the “Los Angeles of the Midwest” — if Los Angeles could only dream of being that cool. It’s where single mom Kelley Williams-Bolar was raising her daughters in subsidized housing while going to college and working as a high school teaching assistant…

But like most Ohio cities — commonly referred to here as “those shitholes” — Akron’s school system is widely regarded as Third World, the educational equivalent of Free Heroin Night in Juarez.

So like many parents, Kelley decided to enter the cat-and-mouse game with the suburban schools. She illegally enrolled her girls in the more affluent Copley-Fairlawn, claiming they lived with her father, who lives within district boundaries.

It’s a common trick in Ohio. Suburbs near places like Cleveland routinely hire investigators to follow kids to make sure they live within school boundaries. They fear being forced to subsidize kids from the cities who flee their own institutions.

But last year, Kelley was caught. She was found guilty of two felony
counts of tampering with records and sentenced to 10 days in jail early this month. She was essentially convicted of stealing education. And that’s when Ohio’s practice of jailing parents who only want better for their kids reached the national media.

The networks began calling, and the story went viral. By the time she’d served nine days of her sentence, Summit County officials had a eureka moment. Ooops, the rest of the country thinks we’re assholes!

So Kelley was released after nine days. But the conviction may cost her her job. It also may hinder her from ever becoming a teacher.


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