Property Virgins Goes All the Way

Property Virgins: HGTV

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Thanks for the post from Irving Ayala

Property Virgins goes all the way to the top when it comes to real estate shows. The host of the show is the delightful and knowledgeable Sandra Rinomato. Anyone who wants to learn about buying a home for the first time should watch this show on HGTV. However, this is not the only reason.

Sandra is not just knowledgeable about real estate; she speaks to the buyers and the viewers. As a former real estate agent, I wish I had her demeanor. Perhaps I would have sold more homes.

I also enjoy the fact that I can get a glimpse of how other people are living and how others react to how they are living. I remember watching one show where the buyers were dumbstruck by how outdated the home was and were appalled that Sandra brought them to this particular home. All I could think was, “You should see my house and you wouldn’t think that anymore!”

Property Virgins has been a great addition to the Direct Tv Specials viewing options. Not only does it offer quality advice to buyers, but it can also help a seller to see exactly what they should do to sell their own home. However, what makes this show the best is the fact that they have chosen a host that has a great way with words and one who is not afraid to speak their mind.

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