Guarding my hair from the rain

Guest post written by Melanie Smith

One of the hardest things about having curly hair is guarding it from the elements. I get so many compliments on my hair all the time and people tell me they wish their hair could look like mine, but they really don’t understand all the trouble that I put into caring for and styling my hair. That goes triple for when the weather forecast calls for rain or high humidity. A lot of the times it seems like everything that I do to it on rainy things just reverses when I step outside.

I thought one easy way to prevent that would be to start wearing waterproof hats on rainy days, so I went online to find a good one to wear. While I was looking online, I came across some that looked really great. So after I read a little more about them, I ordered one of them for my internet service at my apartment.

I did find a rain hat that I think will at least keep part of my hair from getting frizzy on rainy days. Every little bit helps.


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