A Savings Plan With Net10

This post brought to you by Net10. All opinions are 100% mine.

Everyone wants to save money no matter what it is they are purchasing, so why not save when it come to your cell phone bill.  With Net10 you can save big every month with there unlimited talk,text, and data plan for just $50. The savings will just come pouring in, and it’s no hidden cost or surprise billing don’t you just feel the love already. Then on top of all the cool savings, you will be free from those outrageous contracts meaning you will not have to be on a contract ever. With Net10 $50 plan you get to choose from the hottest and coolest phones from LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. There is so many Net10 customers saving monthly see what this real NET10 customer had to say.

How to get set up with Net10 it’s just this simple. All you have to do is buy your Net10 phone an activate it. Then Test your phone with a call, text or just download a ringtone, and your done. Also if you want to switch plans there is no fees, and if you want to stop your service for any reason no fees or penalties. With this Month to Month plan it’s great for school, business or just to save money monthly. With a plan like this you can’t go wrong so don’t you see the Light .

If you are looking for other plans try the $15.00 for 200 minutes  or the pay as you go plan with either one you will save big. Net10 Airtime service is always available at your local stores, so you will never run out of minutes smart and savvy. Also if you have family internationally don’t worry Net10 has you covered with there international plan just 15 cents per minute, and they even give your family a special number to call your Net10 number currently only available to Canada and Mexico.

Phone selection is a breeze want simple and basic for calling and text just $15.00 for those who love to use the essentials like camera, video recording,bluetooth and web just $40.00. If that don’t fancy you then try the Qwerty keyboard slide out phone with all the gadgets for just $60.00. It’s your choice and your cool savings so what are you waiting for check Net10 out today, and save more then ever while you at it see there Facebook and Twitter page get with these plans and save.

cute NET10 commercial

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