Water Patients

Impact from a water drop causes an upward &quo...

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Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

What is it people like so much about the water? I’m a therapist and I find that many of my clients feel their most peaceful when they’re by the water so I did something kind of crazy – I picked up my office and moved it out here to the lake! I find that people are able to open up to me more this way and I’ve got a lot more time to really dig down deep when they’re able to be more outspoken. It was a bit of a transition, though, and I definitely lost a few clients because it made the drive too far for them to really maintain. I had a hard time getting a commercial business license out here and I found internet through WWW.WILDBLUEdeals.com so there were a few things to sort out that I hadn’t really counted on. I love being closer to the water though myself so I think all in all it was a really great move for me and my practice to make in the long run!


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