Teaching My Parents

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Posted by Jerold Austin

Teaching my parents about technology is a lot of work and it’s tough for me to look at them and understand how far behind they are when it comes to working with computers. I got them cannon satellitea few months back and that’s what they’ve been using to watch TV and I have to say it’s a big step up for them both quality wise and technology wise from their rabbit ears! There’s nothing wrong with being a little behind the times but when I got my mom a flip phonefor Christmas last year and she took it back, that was a little ridiculous. I sure wish they’d go take an education class or something like that so they wouldn’t be so removed from the world. My job is online so I’m really into technology, to say the least, so it’s just really hard for me to get why they want to live this way but hey, I suppose it’s to each their own or whatever they say!


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