Blog Obsession

Guest post by Homer Nielsen

iPhone & TwitterI am completely obsessed with this celebrity gossip blog, I find myself reading it all the time, whether it’s on my iPhone or at home. Now that I work from home I actually read it less than when I worked at an office. Reading dlisted was totally my escape from the boredom of my job. I just can’t get enough! The guy who writes it has a mean sense of humor, so my husband thinks it’s mean-spirited and thinks I shouldn’t read it. He hates it so much that he has threatened to take away my clear wireless privileges! I know the blog can get a little catty, but I really don’t think it’s that bad. The way I see it, if you are a celebrity and you do stupid things, you are opening yourself up to that kind of criticism. How am I supposed to feel bad for people who make millions of dollars a year for being pretty and only mildly talented? It’s not like I’m out there writing this stuff. I really don’t get why my husband has such distaste for it. Sometime I think he’s just jealous that I’m not paying all of my attention to him.


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