NAKED BLACK JUSTICE: The Documented Experience

Really liked this so you guys check this out….

Noire3000studios's Blog

When I first began this campaign I had no idea that it would catch on with the velocity that has been witnessed. For the second segment I decided to add some video testimonials of various Blacks and their personal experiences here in the States. It’s one thing to look at an image and draw inspiration, however it’s an all together different encounter to hear the voices of those that have walked, felt, cried and endured situations in life that could potentially help and or inspire someone else. I would love for each person that is following this movement, regardless to where you may be in the world, to share your story with me and others. You may be surprised to learn that your experience may help someone to overcome a fear, stereotype, or insecurity! I would like each person that reads this post to take out 5 minutes or less…

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