News:Walmart shoplifter who stole clothes and body wash’ dies while being restrained by security

English: A picture of the inside of a remodele...

English: A picture of the inside of a remodeled Walmart in Miami, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jose Marcos Picazo called his father on Friday and told him he was going shopping at Walmart and made plans to meet with him for lunch the next day.

A few hours later, he was dead.

According to officials, 41-year-old Picazo, of Azusa, California, died while trying to fight off security workers at the Covina Walmart after being accused of shoplifting from the store.

The man’s mother, Rosa Picazo, said she does not understand what happened since her son had money and did not need to steal anything.

‘It doesn’t make any sense,’ she said.

According to sheriff’s investigators, Picazo tried to leave the Covina store without paying for clothes, body wash and other items in his shopping cart.

As two loss prevention workers detained Picazo for petty theft, he began to fight with them, said Lieutenant Holly Francisco, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.


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